ISSN 2394-5125

    A Comparative Analysis On Wired Vs. Wireless Technology For Communication Networks In Utility Markets (2019)

    Rohit Kumar
    JCR. 2019: 2942-2950


    Next is Ethernet cable, which is used for Internet cable for type of medium. You can use to data transfer from one place to another place. Again, you can call this cable as a CAT 5 cable. These are complete look like darken telephone cables or modern cables you can use. This wire device again you can connect to a local network for sharing your files and Internet access. The wireless communication medium is another important factor for our new generation technology. It is divided into two groups i.e., long-range and short ranges. In a short range you can go for the infrared, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. In the long-range communication, you are having various examples like radio link, Microwave link, satellite link, CDMA, GSM, GSM.


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