ISSN 2394-5125

    A Study on Small Enterprise Financing Gap in North East India: An Extensive Review (2022)

    Manoj Khaund, Dr. Bimal Deb Nath
    JCR. 2022: 299-320


    The small enterprises play a vital role in terms of generation of revenue, employment generation, reducing regional imbalance and facilitating exports Not only from the revenue point of view but also from the viewpoint of regional development, the small enterprises play a very crucial role. Despite having such vital importance to a Nation, it has been seen that the development of small enterprises is hampered by a diversity of problems. In context of the India in in general also these problems are more or less similar. One of the major problems which is faced by the small enterprises across North Eastern Region of India is access to funds. This paper reviews the existing literature and theories of financial gaps in small enterprises across North Eastern Region of India and aims to understand the specific requirements of small enterprises. The paper examines on a phase wise requirement for small enterprises with an aim of reducing the existing financial gap.


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    Volume 9 Issue-1