ISSN 2394-5125

    A Study on the Impact of Non -Financial Rewards on Organization Growth (2022)

    Ms. Rachna Gupta
    JCR. 2022: 285-291


    Employee Turnover Intention is recognized as one of the strategic and critical issue in competition among organizations especially in the hotel industry in India. Therefore, organizations try to minimize their turnover ratio in order to save their cost, consists of hiring, recruiting and selecting the employees. Thus the study mainly focuses about two objectives as to identify the impact of the non-financial rewards on employee turnover intention as well as to identify the mediating effect of intrinsic motivation on the relationship between non-financial rewards and the turnover intention. The sample consisted of two hundred operational level employees working in India Tourism Development Authority (ITDA) resisted five star hotels. The data were gathered by self- administrated questionnaire and the data were analyzed by using simple regression analysis as well as Baron and Kenny mediation analysis method. The analysis exposes that there is a strong negative relationship between the employee non-financial rewards and turnover intention. Mediating analysis results goes to show that intrinsic motivation partially mediate the relationship between non- financial rewards and employee turnover intension. The results help top managers to formulate effective strategies to retain their employees in the long run.


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    Volume 9 Issue-1