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    Awareness of Right to Privacy among College students of India: An Empirical Study (2020)

    JCR. 2020: 1879-1886


    Technology has changed the way to send and receive the information. This technological way of communication has impacted the right to privacy of individual. Technology today is not only concerned with business or making friends. It has a great importance in the education system. The entry of technology in education has changed the way of giving and receiving knowledge. From the past years the concept of online learning has emerged as a trend in education system. Many universities and colleges are providing a platform for many students to opt for distance education or online learning. This system has helped many students to opt for many courses that are beneficial for their career. But this has also emerged as threat to privacy of many students. As many colleges are going for technological education and opting for different software to store data, this has created a threat to Right to Privacy of the students. This paper discusses the Right to Privacy and its awareness among the college students and measures to curb the threats related to privacy. This paper will also highlight various laws enacted to protect the Right to Privacy


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