ISSN 2394-5125

    Cultural Glimpses of Indian Culture and Customs: An analysis of selected work of Anita Desai and Shashi Deshpande (2019)

    JCR. 2019: 385-392


    Indian culture and customs are rich and diverse, spanning thousands of years and reflecting a complex interplay of various religions, languages, and traditions. The literature of India provides a unique window into this complex cultural landscape, and Indian authors have played a vital role in capturing the cultural nuances and complexities of their society. There is an increasing importance to provide a glimpse into Indian culture and customs through an analysis of selected works of Anita Desai and Shashi Deshpande, two of India's most prominent women writers. Anita Desai and Shashi Deshpande are both renowned for their insightful and nuanced portrayals of Indian culture and society. They have explored various themes such as gender roles, family dynamics, religion, caste, and tradition in their novels, short stories, and essays. The following literature review will focus on their works, which offer a rich and varied portrayal of Indian culture and customs.


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    Volume 6 Issue-2