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    Valaparla Shruthi, Vegesna Gayathri, Ravva Thirusha, Asweenn Thejhha, Mrs.Kande Archana, Dr.M Ashok
    JCR. 2023: 38-41


    Extracting information related to weather and visual conditions at a given time and space is indispensable for scene awareness. Despite the significance of this subject, it is still not been fully addressed by the machine intelligence relying on deep learning and computer vision to detect the multi-labels of weather and visual conditions with a unified method that can be easily used for practice. What has been achieved to-date is rather sectorial models that address a limited number of labels that do not cover the wide spectrum of weather and visual conditions. Nonetheless, weather and visual conditions are often addressed individually. In this project, we introduce a novel framework to automatically extract this information from street-level images relying on deep learning and computer vision using a unified method without any pre-defined constraints in the processed images. In this we’re using WeatherNet architecture for training and predicts various weather conditions from user-defined images or video streams such as cloudy foggy,rain,shine and sun rise. The WeatherNet shows strong performance in extracting this information from user-defined images or video streams that can be used not limited to: autonomous vehicles and drive-assistance systems, tracking behaviours, safety related research, or even for better understanding cities through images for policy-makers


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    Volume 10 Issue-2