ISSN 2394-5125


    Somvir Singh Nain,Gudimalla Nikith Sai,R Gnani,Pusala Vinay Kumar
    JCR. 2023: 497-501


    In this paper CFD analysis of pressure and temperature for a rocket nozzle with two inlets at Mach 2.1 is analyzed with the help of fluent software. When the fuel and air enter in the combustion chamber according to the x and y plot, it is burning due to high velocity and temperature and then temperature increases rapidly in combustion chamber and convergent part of the nozzle and after that temperature decreases in the exit part of the nozzle. It is concluded in this paper that two inlet rocket nozzle is having better performance than single inlet. We know that the driving forces such as conversation, pressure and temperature gradient can causes species transport, momentum transport and energy transport respectively. Scientist have been worked on ―Comparison of the rocket engines efficiency in the case of low thrust orbit-to-orbit transfers‖ and their findings are the following: The main task of this paper is to compare two types of low thrust rocket engines: constant thrust vs. variable-thrust engines. They are concerned with efficiency, where efficiency is evaluated in the case of the orbit -toorbit transfer with maximum payload mass in the central Newtonian gravity field.


    Ansys, Design, Rocket nozzle, Designmethodology, Simulation, Bell nozzle, Rao’s Nozzle.

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    Volume 10 Issue-3