ISSN 2394-5125

    Effectiveness of Computer Technology in Education System (2021)

    Simerjeet Kaur, Dr. Kirti
    JCR. 2021: 1361-1365


    Integration of Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT) will help preceptors to the global demand to replace traditional tutoring styles with a technology- grounded tutoring and literacy tools and installations. In Malaysia, ICT is considered as one of the main rudiments in transubstantiating the country to the unborn development. The Ministry of Education, through the rearmost Education Blue print( 2013- 2025), perceptivity the significance of technology- grounded tutoring and literacy into the seminaries ’ public class. This study aims to dissect preceptors ’ comprehensions on effectiveness of ICT integration to support tutoring and literacy process in classroom. A check questionnaire was distributed aimlessly to the aggregate of 101 preceptors from 10 public secondary seminaries in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The data for this quantitative exploration were anatomized for both descriptive and deducible statistic using SPSS (interpretation 21) software. The results indicate that ICT integration has a great effectiveness for both preceptors and the scholars. Findings indicate that preceptors ’ well- equipped medication with ICT tools and installations is one the main factors in success of technology- grounded tutoring and literacy.. It was also set up that professional development training programs for preceptors also played a crucial part in enhancing scholars ’ quality literacy. For the unborn studies, there's a need for consideration of other aspects of ICT integration especially from operation point of view in regard to strategic planning and policy timber


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    Volume 8 Issue-1