ISSN 2394-5125

    eHealth Systems on a Dynamic Cloud Computing Platform (2022)

    Mrs.T.Swathi, Mrs.C.Madhuri
    JCR. 2022: 292-298


    The development of cloud computing has opened up new possibilities for individuals, small enterprises, and large corporations in the healthcare industry to outsource computation and data. Although the cloud computing paradigm offers users exciting and cost-effective alternatives, it is still in its infancy and using the cloud presents users with new challenges. For instance, a vendor lock-in problem makes a healthcare system dependent on a cloud vendor infrastructure and makes it difficult for the system to switch vendors quickly. Another issue is cloud data privacy, which can be compromised when data is outsourced to a cloud computing system, particularly in the case of healthcare systems that store and handle sensitive patient data. Using a service-oriented cloud architecture, we introduce an unique cloud computing platform in this work. The suggested platform can be used on top of many cloud computing platforms that offer eHealth systems with standardized, adaptable, and dynamic services. The suggested platform enables users to freely move their data and applications from one vendor to another with little to no modification. Heterogeneous clouds are able to provide a uniform service interface for eHealth systems. We put into practise the suggested platform for an eHealth setup that protects patient data privacy in the cloud. In order to safeguard the privacy of patient data on the suggested platform, we take into account a data accessibility situation with the implementation of two methods: AES and a lightweight data privacy approach. We evaluate the platform's scalability and performance for a sizable electronic medical record. The experimental results demonstrate that when we run data privacy protection algorithms on the suggested platform, no additional overheads are introduced.


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    Volume 9 Issue-1