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    Exploring the events happening around the life of women: An Analytical study of selected work by Sudha Murthy (2019)

    JCR. 2019: 377-384


    This study explores the events and experiences in the life of women as portrayed in selected works by Sudha Murthy, a prominent Indian author. Through a qualitative analysis of Murthy's literary works, the study highlights the challenges and opportunities that women encounter in various stages of their lives, including childhood, adolescence, marriage, motherhood, and old age. The study also examines the role of cultural and societal norms in shaping women's lives and the impact of education and empowerment on their social and economic mobility. Overall, the study reveals the complexity and diversity of women's experiences and provides insights into the ways in which women navigate gender expectations and negotiate their identities in a patriarchal society. The findings of this study have implications for policy and practice aimed at promoting gender equity and empowering women in India and beyond.


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    Volume 6 Issue-2