ISSN 2394-5125

    Gendered Exclusion in Frankenstein: Depicting the Marginalization of Women (2020)

    Shamima Akhtar, Nur Nazibur Rahman, Anjeleena Hussain
    JCR. 2020: 2334-2338


    Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is a seminal work that not only delves into the realms of science and ethics but also offers a critical perspective on societal norms and gender roles. This paper explores the theme of the elimination of women in the novel, examining how female characters are portrayed and their significance in reflecting the gender dynamics of the time. By analyzing the roles of women, the paper sheds light on how their absence or subordination is intricately tied to the overarching narrative and themes of the novel. By analyzing the significance of women's deaths, their impact on the narrative, and the underlying themes of power and inequality, this study unveils the complex ways in which the novel both reflects and challenges prevailing gender norms of its time. The absence and elimination of women in Frankenstein provide an avenue for examining the complexities of women's agency, the consequences of subordination, and the potential for subversion within a patriarchal society.


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    Volume 7 Issue-1