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    Importance of People’s Rights in India for Better Society: A Cross-Sectional Study (2020)

    JCR. 2020: 1735-1741


    No matter a person's ethnicity, gender, religion, or nationality, they are all endowed with some fundamental rights. By guaranteeing that each person has access to the fundamental freedoms and necessities required for a life of dignity, these rights serve as an essential foundation for a just and equitable society. Every citizen of India is guaranteed a wide range of fundamental rights under the Indian Constitution, which upholds the value of Human Rights. They consist of the guarantee of life, legal equality, freedom of speech and expression, and immunity from discrimination. Nonetheless, a lot of excluded and vulnerable people still have a difficult time exercising their fundamental freedoms and rights in spite of these constitutional safeguards. All parties involved—the government, civic society, and the general public—must work together to ensure the protection and advancement of People’s Rights in India. In order to empower oppressed populations, promote Human Rights, and hold People’s Rights violators accountable, it is crucial to raise awareness of these issues. Upholding People’s Rights can help India build a more fair, just, and successful society where everyone has the chance to live happy, full lives. The sample size of the study was 193 respondents. The data analysis was performed with the help of t-test and mean.


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