ISSN 2394-5125

    Internet Of Things: Application and Challenges (2021)

    Preety Sharma, Naveen Bansal
    JCR. 2021: 2393-2399


    It is critical to recognise the different possible IoT domains as well as the research issues related to these applications since the Internet of Things (IoT) is gradually developing as the next phase of internet emergence. IoT is predicted to permeate practically every facet of everyday life, from smart cities to health care, smart agriculture, transportation, and retail, to even smarter and smarter living environments. Despite recent significant advancements in IoT technology, there are still a number of issues that require addressed. There will be additional research hurdles when the Internet of Things (IoT) idea arises from heterogeneous technologies. Since IoT is so pervasive and has a significant impact on practically every aspect of our lives, it is a crucial topic for academic study in a number of related subjects, including computer science and information technology. IoT is crucial to today's many research sectors in order to provide the desired outcomes. In this article, current developments in IoT are described, followed by an analysis of the difficulties encountered in this sector and an examination of the many applications while taking a long-term perspective


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    Volume 8 Issue-2