ISSN 2394-5125

    Macro-zoobenthos as Indicators of Pollution in River Lidder at different (2019)

    Wajid Majeed Khanday, Dr. Priti Ranjan Pahari, Umar amin
    JCR. 2019: 426-433


    Macro-zoobenthos comprise of an important group of aqua fauna because of their contribution to ecosystem stability, besides acting as potential bioindicators of trophic status. Being efficient energy converters, they constitute an important link in the aquatic food web. In view of importance of such an aquatic bioresource, on one hand, and scarcity of information about them, on the other, the present study aimed at working out the species composition, distribution pattern and abundance of macro-zoobenthos in relation to several physico-chemical parameters of the river Lidder. For present study three sites were selected in river Lidder at Site 1: - Pahalgam Site 2: - Batkote Site 3: - Bumzoo in most densely populated areas with different types of anthropogenic activities adding different types of affluent to the river and also areas with least human interference. Benthic organisms are often good indicators, insects mostly sensitive to water pollution are the Ephemeropterans (may- flies), Plecopterans (stone-fly) and Trichopterans (caddis-fly). The sparse distribution, low numerical abundance and low species diversity in present study is therefore, indicate that this stream have been severely disturbed.


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    Volume 6 Issue-3