ISSN 2394-5125

    Multiple Disease Prediction System (2023)

    Prof. Dr Rafath Samrin, Adnan Aleemuddin, Syed Sufiyan Ahmed, Mohammed Daris
    JCR. 2023: 211-216


    Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are playing a huge role in today’s world. From self-driving cars to medical fields, we can find them everywhere. The medical industry generates a huge amount of patient data which can be processed in a lot of ways. So, with the help of machine learning, we have created a Prediction System that can detect multiple diseases using the algorithm with the best accuracy scores. Many of the existing systems can predict only one disease and that too with lower accuracy. Lower accuracy can seriously put a patient’s health in danger. We have considered five diseases for now that are Heart disease, Liver disease, Breast Cancer, Kidney disease and Diabetes and in the future, many more diseases can be added. The user has to enter various parameters of the disease and the system would display the output whether he/she has the disease or not. This project can help a lot of people as one can monitor the persons’ condition and take the necessary precautions thus increasing the life expectancy.


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    Volume 10 Issue-3