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    Organizational Climate and Employee Engagement among the IT Professionals (2020)

    J.Gabriel Prabhakaran ; Dr.I.Josephraj
    JCR. 2020: 2119-2126


    The concept of organisational climate has been described as 'fuzzy.' By and large, organisational climate refers to employees' "climate" or "perception" of their organisation. It is seen as the organization's "personality" as viewed by its employees. The following are the primary aspects of climate: leadership style, communication pattern, decision-making process, motivating forces, policies, procedures, organisational structure, goal-setting process, goal-setting training, and other internal and external elements. Employee engagement is defined as "an individual's sense of purpose and concentrated energy manifested to others through the demonstration of personal initiative, adaptability, effort, and tenacity oriented toward corporate goals." The purpose of this study is to determine the association between organisational atmosphere and employee engagement among IT professionals in Chennai. The independent variable is Organizational climate, and its sub variable is as follows. Clarity Regarding Roles, Respect, Reward System, Career Advancement, Organization and Decision Making, Relationships, Morale and Commitment, Education and Training Employee engagement is a dependent variable, and its sub variables include compensation management, motivation, the employee's personality, and training. This is a descriptive study, and data will be gathered using a questionnaire distributed to 409 employees of IT Professionals in Chennai. Multiple regression analysis will be employed to conduct the analysis in this study. We concluded from the outcomes of this study that there is a favourable correlation and considerable influence between organisational climate and employee engagement among IT professionals in Chennai.


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