ISSN 2394-5125

    Proportional Integral and Fuzzy Logic Based Voltage and Frequency Controller for Isolated Asynchronous Generator (2019)

    Sachin Tiwari, Rahul Singh , Suchi Mishra
    JCR. 2019: 400-407


    Self-excited induction Generators, often known as SEIGs, are rising in popularity to produce electrical power and provide it in more isolated and rural regions. The cheap cost, stiffness, compact size, and brushless design of SEIGs with distinct excitation banks contribute to their high level of efficiency. The SEIG, on the other hand, has weak voltage and frequency controls. In order to mitigate these drawbacks in response to a wide range of load situations, the constant power SEIG system has an Electronic Load Controller (ELC) linked to it. The classic proportional-integral (PI) controller used for ELC is contrasted with a fuzzy logic-based SEIG-ELC control method in this article. The electronic load cell is made up of a resistor serving as a dump load and an insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT)--based chopper switch in a current-controlled voltage source inverter (CC-VSI). The suggested ELC is constructed and replicated in MATLAB using a variety of electrical load circumstances, and their in-depth comparison with the Proportional Integral controller-based ELC system is explored in considerable length. The varied findings illustrate the efficacy of the suggested method under both nonlinear and linear load circumstances, in addition to its superiority when compared to the PI-based SEIG-ELC system.


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    Volume 6 Issue-2