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    Role of Interpersonal Communication in Effective Leadership: A Descriptive Study (2019)

    JCR. 2019: 262-271


    The aim of this illustrative research is to scrutinize the function of inter-individual correspondence in efficacious leadership. The study employs a subjective methodology, utilizing interviews and observations of leaders in sundry organizational settings to amass data. The discoveries of this exploration underscore the significance of inter-individual correspondence capabilities in efficacious leadership. Leaders who possess robust communication competencies are more prone to establish faith, develop connections, and stimulate their team members to accomplish organizational objectives. Furthermore, the exploration also reveals that efficacious communication is a reciprocal process, and leaders must actively perceive and react to their followers' perspectives and feedback. In addition, the study pinpoints precise communication capabilities that leaders ought to possess, including active listening, empathy, perspicuity, and cultural discernment. In addition to this, social media is also a new paradigm shift in the interpersonal communication. Finally, the exploration accentuates the urgency for leaders to invest in communication edification and introspection to continually augment their communication competencies. All in all, this study appends to our discernment of the crucial function that inter-individual correspondence plays in efficacious leadership and endows us with insights into the competencies required for efficacious communication in leadership.


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    Volume 6 Issue-2