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    Special strength and agility and their relationship to the accuracy of some offensive performances in fencing (2023)

    Dr.Isam Talib Abbas
    JCR. 2023: 178-189


    The nature of performance in the sport of fencing, which is represented by changing direction or deception and trying to get rid of the defender, and thus this change requires agility in movements in order to achieve good performance. Accordingly, employing special strength and agility in skill performance is one of the important requirements in performing in the sport of fencing in attack or defense. The importance lies in Research into identifying the role of special strength and agility in some offensive skills in the sport of fencing, and is there a good correlation between them among students of the third stage in the sport of fencing, in order to raise the level of students, as they are the basic rule when learning and training beginners in clubs or youth centers. As for the problem of research, it is During the researcher’s observation, as she was one of the students of the fourth stage and practiced in the first and third stages and was interested in the game, there was a weakness in the level of performance in some offensive skills, including the complex skills of the attack (circular and numerical) and the simple indirect attack (attack by change), and that the level of performance during these skills was weak. Failure to complete the attack and touch may be due to the weak relationship between special strength and agility in the offensive skills of third-year fencing students. As for the objectives of the research, to identify the relationship between special strength and accuracy of performance of some offensive skills in fencing among third-year fencing students. And identifying the relationship between agility and accuracy of offensive performance among third-year students. The research population and sample are third-year students in the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at the University of Babylon, who numbered (200). The female students, who numbered (41), were excluded. As for the research sample, section (B) was chosen and was chosen randomly from among the three sections, numbering (72), from which it was Choosing the research sample. The size of the test sample was (20) laboratory students, and therefore the percentage of the sample amounted to (10%) of the population. Then, he chose from scientific sources the appropriate tests and presented them to the experts, and then carried out the main experiment on the research sample on Tuesday and Wednesday, corresponding to (18/ 1/2022), and after completion, the statistical data was processed, then the results were presented, analyzed and discussed. After discussing the results, the researcher reached a number of conclusions, the most important of which is ,there is a positive relationship between the variables of special strength (explosive strength, strength characterized by speed, strength endurance) of the legs and the arm carrying the weapon and the accuracy of the offensive performance among thirdyear fencing students.


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    Special strength ,agility , and fencing.