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    Talent Management and Organizational Effectiveness among the IT Professionals (2020)

    K.Dhanalakshmi; Dr.C.Kathiravan
    JCR. 2020: 1718-1726


    The software industry in India is rapidly growing and among the most promising in the IT sector. In the beginning, the sector was started by the megacorporation�s of Mumbai, who sent its programmers to work for foreign information technology companies. They succeeded because they used initiative to create a promising new entry point into the global market, and the government ensured their safety from competition from multinational companies and fledgling businesses. It wasn't until ten years later that workstation-based programming supplanted mainframe-based programming, and specialised operating systems and languages developed by individual manufacturers were replaced by industry-standard platforms and high-level languages. In a similar vein, governmental changes in India reduced taxes on imported software and encouraged the entry of international companies. Similar to what happened in Ireland and Israel, subsequent foreign business participation is for in-house development of software products. The purpose of this study is to determine the association between Talent management and Organizational Effectiveness among IT professionals in Hyderabad. The independent variable is Talent management, and its sub variable is as follows. 'Talent Acquisition', 'Leadership and Talent development' and 'Controlling productivity', 'Reward and recognition', 'Talent retention', 'Succession management / planning', Organizational Effectiveness is a dependent variable, and its sub variables include 'Personnel Administration' and 'Institutionalized norms and practises', 'Controlling performance'. For this descriptive study, we will survey 432 IT professionals working in Hyderabad with a questionnaire. The analysis in this study will make use of multiple regressions. Based on our findings, we conclude that Talent Management has a positive association with and a substantial influence on organisational effectiveness among IT workers in Hyderabad


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