ISSN 2394-5125

    The Tribal Heritage and the Adivasi Contributions to Indian Culture and customs (2020)

    Dr. Mousumi Paul
    JCR. 2020: 2199-2202


    The Tribal Traditions and practices pervade all aspects of Indians culture and civilization, yet this awareness is often lacking in popular consciousness, and the extent and sport of Adivasi Contributions to Indian philosophy, language and customs have often gone unrecognized, or been underrated by historian and social scientists. Although popular myths. About Buddhism have obscured the original, source and inspiration for its humanist Its humanist doctrine, it is to India�s ancient tribal for (or Adivasi) Societies that Gautam Buddha looked- for a model for the kind of society, he wished- to advocate. The early Buddhists sanghas were modelled on the tribal pattern of social interaction that stressed gender equality, and respect for all members: Adivasi society was build on a foundation of equality with respect for all life forms including plants and trees. There was a deep recognition of mutual dependence in nature and human Society. People were given respect and status according to their Contribution to social needs but only while they were performing that particular function. the priest or doctor became equal to everyone else, the possession of highly valved skills or knowledge did not lead to a permanent rise in status. This means that no individual or small group could engage in overlordship of any kind, or enjoy hereditary rights


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