ISSN 2394-5125

    The Use of Animation in Delivery of Educational Messages Among Primary School Children (2019)

    Anjali Thapa
    JCR. 2019: 404-411


    Scholars have noted that the improper use of animation as an element of training hinders the process of learning, despite the medium's potential benefits. Research in instructional and classroom teaching is lacking in comparison to the vast literature on static graphics. The evolution of the human visual system has resulted in a state where the brain can recognize patterns and attribute meaning to them (Narayanan N. Hari, 1997). Children may use sketching until they can write in their native language. Ancient cave paintings are a permanent record of our forebears' presence. Machine diagrams, schematics, and drawings are all tools available to engineers or product engineers for communicating the workings of mechanical, electrical, and other systems. Images that can be quickly reduced or expanded have the potential to be utilized to communicate abstract ideas to a wide audience. Almost everywhere from airports to schools to hotels, a toilet sign will include a cartoon person. While accurate photos of actual items don't need any special coding to be understood and distributed, they also can't be used to express the same meaning across all social classes since each picture only refers to a single entity.


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