ISSN 2394-5125

    Vehicle speed control system, Zigbee technology, DC motor, L293D driver, Ultrasonic sensor, LCD. (2023)

    G. Suresh, Syed Ayesha, Syed Sumaya, Syed Muskan, V. Yasaswini, Uddandi Pragathi
    JCR. 2023: 259-268


    When it comes to automobiles, safety is of utmost importance in order to minimize accidents in speed-restricted zones and prevent property damage and loss of life. Recent surveys have shown a significant increase in accidents near school zones, hospital zones, and sharp turnings. This rise can be attributed to drivers' eagerness to reach their destination quickly. Consequently, controlling vehicle speed has become a crucial matter that needs attention. This paper aims to propose a practical, compact, and simple design for an automatic vehicle speed control system. The system should be swiftly implemented in school, college, hospital, and sharp turning zones to reduce the number of accidents. The automated speed control system is built using the microcontroller-based platform of the Arduino Uno board. The transmitter circuit is powered by a DC battery, which provides sufficient power for the functioning of the Zigbee device placed near the restricted zones. If the vehicle's speed exceeds the predefined limit, the microcontroller takes control of the vehicle motor by sending a signal to the motor driver. The motor driver then decreases the speed of the electric motor, subsequently reducing the vehicle's speed in that particular zone. In the receiver section, the speed of the vehicle is received through the speed encoder input signal. The receiver unit comprises an ultrasonic sensor, a DC motor, a motor driver, an LCD display, a Zigbee receiver, and an Arduino UNO acting as a microcontroller. Based on the signal received from the transmitter in the designated zone, the speed of the vehicles automatically reduces with the assistance of these devices. The ultrasonic sensor is utilized to detect nearby vehicles and adjust the vehicle's speed, accordingly, thereby preventing accidents.


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    Volume 10 Issue-3