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    K. Radhika, Sk. Waseem, Sk. Rameez, Sk. Khaja Mohiddin, Sk. Nagoor
    JCR. 2023: 87-94


    In the modern world, Water pollution is one of the major causes for various types of water-borne diseases such as dengue, cholera and malaria etc., for human beings. 40% of deaths in worldwide are caused by water pollutions. So, the quality of the drinking water needs to be measured in real time while it is supplied to consumers. In this article, author offered a design and expansion of a real time water quality measuring system at reduced cost using Internet of Things (IoT). To compute the physical and chemical parameters of the water such as temperature, Humidity, pH, turbidity. Water contamination is likely the best dread for the green globalization. To guarantee the made sure about stock of the drinking water the quality should be screen tirelessly. In this paper we present a course of action and progress of an effortlessness framework for nonstop checking of the water quality in IOT(internet of things).The structure include several sensors knows about assessing physical and creation parameters of the water. The parameters, for example, Thermo, PH, turbidity, Humidity. The cognizant attributes from the sensors can be set up by the center controller. The ATMEGA328 model can be utilized as a center controller. Finally, the sensor information can be seen on internet utilizing WI-FI framework. The controlling device for the automation in the project is a Microcontroller. The data sent from PC over Wi-Fi will be received by Wi-Fi module connected to Microcontroller. All components are associated to micro controller Arduino. Arduino ATMEGA328 micro controller used to process input and produce output by using ARDUINO IDE with Embedded C programming and operated through Regulated power supply which gives 5v of DC voltage to all hardware modules.


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