ISSN 2394-5125

    Women issues in the English Fiction by Indian Writers: A Theoretical Study (2019)

    JCR. 2019: 343-351


    This theoretical study looks at women's issues within Indian authors' English-language fiction. The study examines how Indian authors represent Indian women in English writing and how their experiences and struggles are reflected in these works. The research makes use of a framework from feminist literary theory to analyze the various narratives, characters, and motifs found in these works. The research aims to investigate the intricate interplay between gender, culture, and identity in the representation of Indian women in English fiction through a critical analysis of a few selected texts. The study's conclusions suggest that Indian women authors are using their writing as a platform to speak out against social and cultural problems affecting women throughout the country, such as gender inequality, violence, and patriarchy. The study also highlights the need for more diverse and inclusive representation of Indian women in English fiction and the importance of amplifying their voices and perspectives. Overall, this study contributes to the representation of women in literature and serves as a call to action for greater representation of marginalized groups in fiction.


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    Volume 6 Issue-2