ISSN 2394-5125

    IoT-based Agribot with Parameter Monitoring using Android Application (2023)

    B. Suresh Kumar, B. Venkata Sresta, A. Penchala Kalpana Devi, G. Varalakshmi, K. Swetha
    JCR. 2023: 77-86


    Farmers today spend a lot of money on machines that help them decrease labor and increase yield of crops we introduced the automatic machine called Agricultural Robot for automatic ploughing and seeding. This paper strives to develop a solar powered robot capable of performing operations like automatic plough, seed dispensing, and water spraying through IOT application. This system monitor the temperature, humidity and soil moisture parameters status will upload into IOT application. It also provides automatic control robot using IOT module. The main component here is the AVR At mega microcontroller that supervises the entire process. Initially the robot tills the entire field and proceeds to plough, simultaneously dispensing seeds side by side. The device controlled by IOT which continuously sends data to the microcontroller. IOT module used to control the b\robot for directions. Dc geared motors used to plough the soil and releases the seed then water sprinkler automatically sprinkle water for automatic seeding in agriculture. All components are associated to micro controller Arduino. Arduino ATMEGA328 micro controller used to process input and produce output by using ARDUINO IDE with Embedded C programming and operated through Regulated power supply which gives 5v of DC voltage to all hardware modules.


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    Volume 10 Issue-3